My first Hebrew single is out ! Check out the video on Youtube Love it or hate it I would love to hear what you think. Watch it and write me a comment or share it with a friend. Thanks!

Naturally I’ve been writing songs for many years – but always in English. A few years ago, stuck in the house during a cold April in Toronto, deep in COVID lockdown – I started to write some songs in Hebrew. This one is called בלי להגיד שלום (Bli Lehagid Shalom – ‘Without Saying Goodbye’). Despite the language of the lyrics I don’t think it sounds Israeli – and that’s the interesting twist in this song.

Out this Friday! Listen, watch, comment, love or hate – on Youtube, Spotify and all major online platforms. If you would like to join my WhatsApp Group – friends, fans and family are helping me get my song off the ground.

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