Forgotten Video

  This is a video I made which I’d completely forgotten about. Nostalgiac – definitely.  Check it out!

Collaboration with Danny Granot

Recently I’ve started working with a well-loved Israeli singer called Danny Granot.  He had some serious hits back in the the 1970’s and 80’s and is now coming back into the limelight with a new album. His album ‘Danny Granot sings Tirzei Granot’ – highlights the artistry of his late wife Tirzei Granot  – the…

New Mini EP

Not long ago I had a big show to celebrate finishing my Mini EP.  Up until now it was hidden away in a secret place – now it’s yours for the taking on Bandcamp… Listen to it, buy it, send it as a gift! Mini EP

Her Story

‘I tremble with nostalgia when Jen Charlton sings one of her wonderful songs’  (Edd Donovan) Canadian singer-songwriter Jen Charlton writes songs you can take with you.  Combining a heady mix of classical sensibilities, folk and pop – there is an authenticity to her work which cannot be denied. Read her story at About

Song of the Month

After John Lennon left the Beatles he wanted a more immediate, instantaneous way to produce songs and get them heard.  I know how he felt!  I love perfectly produced songs – but it tends to take a long time. So instead of waiting ages for the ultimate version of every song –  I decided to put…


ParisTelAvivMusic Presents Jen Charlton in Concert… Beit HaYotzer 19.09 To celebrate her new album Blame it on my Family Facebook Event Tickets   The Songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen: A Rooftop Show Thursday June 22nd 2017 Facebook Event Tickets   Friday 24 February 2017 From Las Vegas to Jerusalem  – Petah Tikva Cultural…


Watch footage from my interview with 2 Nice Jewish Boys here Or watch a short film about the making of the new album…   Or just watch a few videos   Or go to  Video or Youtube


Thank you to Cathy Bensoussan from who interviewed my producer and me en francais!  Ou la la…!  Watch the interview here   I had the pleasure of being interviewed by 2 Nice Jewish Boys   It was fun! Follow the link above and scroll down to last November or Listen on Soundcloud While I was…


Blame it on my Family Mini EP Exclusively available on Bandcamp   Blame it on my Family – The Single ‘…a sound that is steeped in pop and folk influences – combined with the timelessness of classical music.’ Listen and buy at Bandcamp, CDBaby and itunes This record has been played on various radio stations including TLV1…