Jen Charlton is a powerful songwriter, singer and lyricist.  Drawing on a cast of influences – Jen spins her own brand of pop, folk and singer-songwriter.   

“I tremble with nostalgia when Jen Charlton sings one of her wonderful songs”  Edd Donovan

“The fluidity of Tori Amos and the story-telling talent of Ben Folds…” Dirty Rooster Blog

“This lovely slice of American pop is catchy as all hell, but hides a slightly darker tone in the lyrics; for fans of drawing on your Converse and Empire Records.”
Early Doors Disco


Although Canadian-born, Jen has spent more than half her life in the UK, Europe and Israel – where she has written songs, recorded, performed and collaborated.  While in England she was fortunate enough to work with many gifted musicians including Patrick Ranscombe, Russell J Palmer, Owen Hills, Patrick Knill, Daniel Hart, Sean Read (The Rocking Birds, Beth Orton) and Howard Gott (The Wrecking Crew, Ed Harcourt). Charlton has supported artists like Dar Williams, Dayna Kurtz, Laura Mayne and Danny Granot. Have a look at her albums or read a full bio.

Jen is also interested in writing for theatre, TV and film. She wrote the title track for Mekella Broomberg’s short film Ruthie Segal Hear Me Roar, which was made as the winner of the Pears Short Film Fund in the UK in 2009. She has also recorded with British musical theatre auteur Robin Lever.

Her most inspiring creative partnership to date has been with producer Yves Galula, in Tel Aviv.  Yves, a Frenchman and the founder of Paris-Tel Aviv Music is a genius orchestrator and a musician to boot.  The record they collaborated on together, Blame it on My Family – the EP – received some great reviews and radio play.  Listen to it here.

With her last release she made appearances on regional radio program Studio Qualita and i24 News (TV) in Israel – and BBC Brighton in the UK. She also had the pleasure of being interviewed by Two Nice Jewish Boys (who are really very nice).

Jen recently had her second child and has been a bit busy! Currently she is looking forward to working on some new releases and saying goodbye to the Coronavirus. She has also been working on a musical theatre script about the British Mandate Period in Palestine. Take a look (and listen) at a sample of the show…

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‘I tremble with nostalgia when Jen Charlton sings one of her wonderful songs’  (Edd Donovan) Canadian singer-songwriter Jen Charlton writes songs you can take with you.  Combining a heady mix of classical sensibilities, folk and pop – there is an authenticity to her work which cannot be denied. Read her story at About

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