‘I tremble with nostalgia when Jen Charlton sings one of her wonderful songs’  (Edd Donovan)

‘…a sound that is steeped in pop and folk influences – combined with the timelessness of classical music’

‘With the fluidity of Tori Amos and story telling lyrics like Ben Folds…’

Jen Charlton is a powerful songwriter and lyricist.  Drawing on a cast of influences – Jen spins her own brand of pop, folk and singer-songwriter.    

Since 2005, with the release of her debut album – Jen has written, recorded and played shows in the UK, Europe and Israel.  Her most inspiring creative partnership to date has been with producer Yves Galula.  Yves, a Frenchman and the founder of Paris-Tel Aviv Music is a genius orchestrator and a musician to boot.  The record they collaborated on together, Blame it on My Family – the EP – received some great reviews and radio play.  Listen to it here.

Jen has written and recorded her own material as well collaborating with others.  She wrote the title track for Mekella Broomberg’s short film Ruthie Segal Hear Me Roar.  Recently, apart from her own material, she has recorded with British musical theatre auteur Robin Lever and sung duets with Israeli star Danny Granot.  She has also supported artists like Dar Williams, Dayna Kurtz and Laura Mayne.

Although Canadian-born, Charlton has lived all over the world – from the US and the UK to the Middle East.