‘Bli Lehagid Shalom’ is the original new single from Jen Charlton. The words are in Hebrew but the driving piano and lyrical style are much more American than anything else.

That’s what makes the song stand out.  After living in Israel for more than a decade, Charlton was finally inspired to write songs in Hebrew – but despite the language of the lyrics, the song retains a definite North American/ singer-songwriter vibe.

Charlton, originally from Canada, also spent a long time in the UK where she worked with some notable musicians and producers.  Similarly in Israel – she has collaborated with some great local creatives and has pulled something out of the proverbial hat.

As Hebrew isn’t her native tongue (but rather English with French as a close second), it was a challenging task; the lyrics of the song were the topic of endless conversations.  “Sometimes a phrase would sound great to me and then someone would tell me I couldn’t say it that way” says Charlton.  Despite her roots (artists like Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Laura Nyro and many others) Jen was also inspired by Yehudit Ravitz, an iconic Israeli singer who made her name in the 70’s and 80’s – among others. 

In short: the melody, the harmonies, the playful production and the contradictions inherent in the song make it something you’ve never heard before – and won’t again any time soon.  

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