There are some things, no matter whether you grew up in a culture or not – which do not escape you. Being Canadian, I can only compare it to the loss of Leonard Cohen or Joni Mitchell.  Recently in Israel, Arik Einstein passed away.

The whole country howled in grief and couldn’t believe he was gone.  He was a national icon in theatre, comedy and music for going on 50 years.  His tall lanky frame graced countless screens and stages and he seems to have been everyone’s friend.  Listen to one of his classic songs ‘Fairytale of the Grass’ Agadat Deshe.

He was also in the Halonot haGevohim (The High Windows) – a group I can only compare to Peter, Paul and Mary – with a similar innocent, perfectly blended folk sound.  Have a listen – The High Windows

In other news…We really are seriously wrapping up the album project!  I won’t give away the deadline but when I say it’s soon I mean it.   The minute I have the album in my hands I’ll be sending it out to everyone who contributed and I’ll put up at least one song on the site so everyone can have a listen…

Wishing for lots of inspiration for 2014!

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