Full of emotion, Jen Charlton’s voice can at once be angelic yet dark, sweet but smoky. Having studied classical piano as a child and then only later discovering more popular forms of music – has left its impression on Charlton’s song-writing. There is an elegance to her work – a timelessness. Hailing from a small town in Canada, Charlton has moved around a lot.  After a stint in the US and Europe, she lived in the UK for many years where she collaborated with the likes of producer Sean Reed (also known for his work with Beth Orton and Graham Coxon of Blur) and recorded songs for EMI publishing…(Read More)   The new album is almost finished! The first song from ‘Funny World’ is mixed, mastered and ready to go.  The minute I have the album in my hands I’ll be sending it out to everyone who contributed…!

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